Stefano Chinappi follows in the footsteps of his father Franco and his mother Anna, continuing the story of Formiana catering which has been in place for over fifty years, recreating a true Roman experience. Together with his wife Elena, Chinappi created a locale marked with tradition and from which the same story – one of love for family, friends and customers – began. Because cooking, preparing a table with care and choosing a good wine to match the menu is equivalent to Stefano and Elena as warm declarations of affection.

At the table, from elegant dishes, bottles of the best wine and sweet and savoury delicacies, you can see the great amount of tenderness that has gone into the preparation, and you really can taste the most intimate feelings. This is how the Chinappi family have managed – for years – to transform their restaurants into venues of true gastronomic delight.


Seafood cooking, where the scents of the sea come to the table: the produce on offer come from the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Formia Sea is the fulcrum of choice for raw materials, which is where there Chinappi family’s roots are firmly planted..

Из сырой рыбы

Appetizers prepared with raw fish, shellfish and fresh shellfish.
From the Gobbetti di Ponza the ceviche of Volpina, for the best variety of raw seafood treats. Here the freshness becomes the main protagonist and before serving it raw the ingredients are subject to guaranteed decontamination treatment by Chinappi.


Горячие закуски

For cooked seafood appetizers, Ristorante Chinappi offers a variety of specialties. Whoever eats the quality cooked fish does not regret the raw delicacy and, thanks to the skilful preparation of food, even when raw it presents a surprise taste and refinement.


Вторые рыбные блюда

Expect recipes strongly rooted in tradition like octopus secondo tradizione Chinappi, saute of razor clams, Gaeta mussels in marinara sauce…and many more.

Первые рыбные блюда

The pasta Chinappi serves before dessert is preferably cooked “al chiodo”.
There is a varied choice from spaghetti to cappelletti, from risotto to homemade gnocchi. Great culinary ideas such as pumpkin cappelletti with extract of squilla shrimp and Spaghettoro with garlic, oil, pepper, squid and bread crumbs, the Gnocchi with clams and lemon spinach, and risotto al nero quinto quarto di seppia. Don’t miss out on the traditional cuisine of the Capital, with the great classics like Carbonara and Amatriciana.



In the desserts there is imagination and intense flavour: the colours show how the Chinappi restaurant is always looking to better satisfy the most demanding palate. The timeless Tiramisu in a cup or even Moretta Fano are just two examples of what is on offer at the Chinappi.

Who works at Chinappi

The Chinappi restaurant is one big family, where Stephen and Elena are flanked by their two sons Francesco and Andrea to carry on the tradition of over sixty years of restoration between Formia and Rome.